Open Kitchen Cabinets Are Easier To Handle

Kitchens are perhaps one of the smallest, but many challenging rooms to decorate. It‘s mostly because kitchens require us to balance between practical and beautiful, since we spend a great deal of time there so we use them for a number of our most significant daily activities. So how will you bring style and function together?

The safest way is basically open shelving inside a kitchen, which lets you display your beautiful items, instead of placing them inside cupboards where nobody can see them.

It‘s really a tricky task coming from the aesthetic point of view, though there are few tips that tend to make open kitchen cabinets simpler to handle :

Position and appearance

How the open shelving design will look depends almost entirely on where it is going to be located, an activity which also offers plenty related to functionality.

As an example, hanging shelves during the preparation area as well as sink is even more of a practical solution, while those hung inside the dining area are meant to serve display purposes.

Therefore, your open shelving kitchen ideas will depend mostly on where shelving is located, the accent being on saving space in small and cramped kitchens which prefer their storage to become easy to attain rather than hidden behind the heavy, traditional cabinet doors.

Actually, in 50% of cases, people implementing shelving make their kitchen much more crowded than they already are.

Rule primary Isn‘t to position open shelves too near the cook in an effort to avoid splatters. The closer they‘re the greater stray stir fry oil you’ll need to clean from their store.

Manage contrasts

Before you are doing whatever, suppose the elements you’ve already implemented with your kitchen : is that the cabinetry is bold, keep your shelves simple, and decorate with few monochromatic elements that won’t look or feel overwhelming.

Remove to bring in

How could you possibly have a transparent picture of your respective shelves with lots and lots of things displayed on them?

Take decoration down, look into them, and make a decision : your empty-shelf project is greater than likely to achieve success since it will allow work one shelf per time, and produce each and each part of them fit inside the overall picture.

Pick a theme

You’re displaying items because you would like people to discover them, so ensure they’re combined inside an eye-pleasant way.

A very good idea usually is to select a common color theme and add items accordingly, as as an example combining white dishes with antiquities, colorful or oriental teacups, or other color-mix we expect could look entertaining.

Attain a beautiful strategy

Suppose the items you employ the foremost, and organize them inside a structured way, placing them closer towards the reach of your respective fingertips.

By structured organization, we actually mean pragmatically organized kitchen, where cups, mugs, bowls, and plates are organized harmonically and remain easy to attain.

Mixing items together

Mixing items is usually perceived in the incorrect way, as people believe they ought to look much like one another in an effort to look well when put together.

As an example, displaying collections of colorful cups will look amazing with a few monochromatic elements, in which the role from the cups is always to add interest and variation.

Avoid putting heavy items on them

In the end, why would you set their heavy casserole dish as well as pot you never use upon the shelf? If little else, placing heavy components of hung shelves is risky and unsafe, alongside the undeniable fact that it isn‘t practical.

Just in case you really do not have other place that will put your heavy items, keep them out on the bottom shelves.


Lighting can add a totally different and emotional dimension to the way in which you display belongings inside the kitchen, especially in case you choose an innovative solution, for example installing clip-on plug-in shelf lighting, or a few scented candles just in case that’s not possible.

Don’t leave shelves empty

They‘re already there, so why not keeping them stocked a lot of the time? Just in case you need to take down the products you’re using on regular basis, consider rarely used items as substitutes.

What matters here usually is to display enough elements to mask the empty shelf effect which looks dull and boring.

Consider artwork

Kitchen shelves are an excellent spot to showcase favorite art pieces, both between and behind the dishes you‘ve displayed.

The technique also will vertically expand your shelves, most especially when lower ones where you’ve displayed more elements than usual.

Improving the graphic appeal with borrowed pantry goods

There‘s nothing cool labels can’t decorate, so think about the tomato cans, beautiful tea tins and jam jars you’ve imported from other countries.

They‘re going to look absolutely perfect in your upper shelves, and free the lower ones for widely used items.

Reading materials

Before everything else, the kitchen must be a functional place, so why not adding few neatly placed cookbooks filled with creative dinner ideas?

They‘re going to bring color and interest within your shelves, being simultaneously at the fingertips to assist you prepare a tasty dish.

Don’t overdo it

When applied carefully, open shelving may be a real blessing in disguise, and help small and cramped kitchens look larger compared on their actual square footage.

Once they’re there, it is going to be difficult to resist the temptation of cramming them full with no that space-enhancing details, but as challenged as We‘re to do it right, we should still keep things simple and edit all of them with extreme care and vigilance.

A similar rule applies for color – you are able to never miss with two color-schemes and neutral shades, depending about what you favor.


Symmetry is greater than visible inside the kitchen, so try to stay shelving elements as similar as you can. Once you’ve decided to bring doors off and hang shelves instead, select a dark color that contrasts the majority of your dishes in order to make them stand out.

Shelves that infuse natural warmth

Shelves should ideally be made of natural, warm, and friendly materials, for example wood and stainless steel combinations which keep balance present all around kitchen.

Wooden shelves are definitely only perhaps one of the options in order to make your kitchen feel warmer, and you may always attempt to implement this invaluable material through dishes or similar small elements.

Display as little glass as possible

This rule counts especially for states for example California, where there‘s a high earthquake risk. Still, displaying glass items on open shelves is really a hazard recipe wherever It‘s applied, not even to mention families with growing children.

The very best option you’ve got usually is to store glass in closed cabinets, ideally such that depend on magnets and similar safety systems to avoid doors from opening easily.

Inside the case of shelves, you are able to consider installing tiny lips to stay glassware set up to avoid even small disasters.

Reorganize your collections

Designing kitchens inside a clean, yet functional way is really a challenge, however that doesn’t cause it to be impossible. Actually, we don’t even need to reorganize completely, or bring new items on board.

Sometimes, all it will require usually is to reorganize our memorable spice and grain collections, or swapping branded boxes with clean jars.

Clean regularly

Do we even need to say this? Open shelves are difficult to keep simply since they collect more dust than any other similar items, and therefore are time-consuming to clean, because there are many items to remove, wipe, and add back on the original positions.

People who hung their shelves during the stove will most likely do business with grease too. This means that many of us must clean and dust our shelves as often as we will, to ensure that they won’t become grimy as time passes.

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